Blu Diamond (Sire)

Miss Opal (Dam)

UPCOMING LITTER: VERBY is due July 5th (SIRE-Zorro's 2nd litter)

Zorro (Sire)

Verby (Dam)

UPCOMING LITTER: TIGRA is due July 20th (SIRE-Zorro's 3rd litter)

Zorro (Sire)

Tigra (Dam)


Blu Diamond (Sire)

Vassy (Dam)

We do not charge an initial deposit to “option or hold” a kitten…so what are you waiting for?

Kitten Pricing

Females: $2500 & Up | Males: $3000 & Up
Prices are subject to change at any time.

Because there is such a high demand for our Maine Coon Kittens, it is recommended that you “Option/Hold” a kitten today. We do not charge a deposit to “option or hold” a kitten…so what are you waiting for? Complete the KITTEN APPLICATION & submit. We will then review & reach out to you to confirm & finalize your “Furr Baby” adoption. It’s that easy!
(Please note that we must speak with you concerning our adoption process before your “Option/Hold” status is secure.)
For this reason, if we can not reach you or you do not call us back, the “Option/Hold” process is not complete.

If you’re contacted by anyone else (other than Trish or John) or through Facebook Messenger, it’s definitely a scam.

Additionally, we will NEVER request money from you before you have verified a kitten thru either Zoom call or Cattery visit.

Custom Delivery “Direct-to-your-Door” is available at an extra charge.
Prices do not include shipping costs.

Rare Colors: Shaded, Smoked, Silver & Golden colors are rare making these kittens higher priced. If you are interested in purchasing one of these rare kittens, with your deposit we will place you on our Rare Colors Reserve List. Further explanation will be provided when we discuss your deposit.

Status Guide

“AVAILABLE” – Kitten is available for adoption.
“OPTION/HOLD” – The kitten is being held during negotiation, but kitten could be released for adoption at any time.
“RESERVED” – A deposit has been made and an adoption agreement signed for the kitten. Awaiting scheduled pickup or delivery.
“SOLD” – The kitten has joined their new family in new forever home.

Additional Information

All kittens born in our cattery move to a new home no earlier than after the agreement is signed, deposit and remaining balance is paid in full and the kitten is 10 weeks old. Adoption of kittens are as Pets only.
We reserve the right to cancel a kitten adoption agreement without explanation.

Reservation Terms:

The timing of a kittens reservation is established by mutual agreement of both parties. If the buyer has encountered circumstances that would not allow them to pick up the kitten on time, they must notify the breeder in advance, no later than 48 hours before departure/pickup. If after the expiration of this agreed period of time, the buyer has not secured new arrangements for the kitten (by not providing information on the reason for the absence), then the breeder has the right to consider this kitten free from reserve. The reserve amount is non-refundable. Also, if a buyer refuses a kitten that they have reserved, the amount of the reserve is lost and non-refundable. All kittens (and associated costs) must be paid-in-full before pick-up and shipment of kitten.