Meowza! We would like to present to you the newest member of our cattery’s prestigious lineage – ZORRO, the Black Smoke with Ghost Markings male breeder! ZORRO, named after the legendary masked hero, exudes an air of mystery and charm with his sleek black smoke coat and his rare ghostly markings that seem to appear and disappear as if by magic. With his fearless curiosity and noble stature, ZORRO is truly a sight to behold. But don’t let his regal demeanor fool you – this kitty is as playful and affectionate as they come. He loves nothing more than snuggling up with his humans and engaging in a good chat. We feel honored to welcome ZORRO into our cattery and cannot wait to see the beautiful kittens he will sire in 2024. So, let’s give a warm welcome to our newest feline king, ZORRO – may his legacy continue to flourish in our cattery for years to come!

Code: MCO ns 22

Color: Black Smoke with Ghost Markings

Birth: March 06, 2023

Sire: W2Mainecoons Blu Diamond *US/US (USA/USA) Solid Blue

Dam: Coonsransom Miss Opal of Giantgems *US/US (USA/USA) Black Smoke

Genetic Tests: HCM N/N, SMA N/N, PK N/N, PKdef N/N = Optimal 50/0