Wow, is she going to be a huge cat! Her paws are as big as most male Maine Coons. TIGRA is one of the 4 Ukrainian females that we secured from the litter of Grand International Champion “ABENAKI RAFINAD”. But even more impressive is her distant pedigree…it is loaded with Grand and Great Grand Parents that have dominated the show circuit in Eastern Europe as Grand International Champions. A gorgeous Blue Tabby color with big lynx tipped ears. And the older she gets the more it is looking like she’s developing a silver undercoat. TIGRA is always at the center of attention. Loves to play “sneak attack” with her sisters.

Code: MC a24

Color: Blue Spotted Tabby

Birth: March 23, 2021

Sire: Grand International Champion ABENAKI RAFINAD *BG/UA (Belgium/Ukraine) –Black Silver Ticked Tabby

Dam: ARINE HENNESSY *UA/UA (Ukraine/Ukraine) -Black Tortie Silver Ticked Tabby Harlequin

Genetic Tests: HCM N/N SMA N/N PK N/N PKdef N/N = Optimal 50/0