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If you have a specific question you can add it to the bottom of the application form.

Additionally, because there is such a high demand for our Maine Coon Kittens, it is recommended that you reserve a kitten today. By submitting this application, you also will automatically be entered onto our Litter Alert List.

People on our Reserve List are contacted first when a litter is born.

Kitten Pricing

  • Females, $2,500 & up
  • Males, $2,800 & up

We want people to feel secure and excited about their adoption experience, so until further notice we WILL NOT CHARGE a DEPOSIT to option (hold) a kitten.

Why you might ask?

Unfortunately, there are too many bad actors out there preying on individuals dreams of owning a Maine Coon fur baby. So this is our attempt to combat the rising number of scammers.

Our hope is to provide some safety and security to the adoption process.

Prices do not include shipping costs or spay/neutering.
Custom Delivery “Direct-to-your-Door” is available at an extra charge.

We do accept BITCOIN.

Prices are subject to change at any time.

TICA registration will be provided after Vet proof of spay or neutered.