Miss Opal

What a great day it was when we secured MISS OPAL from Coon’s Ransom, as one of our female breeders. There are just 2 words to describe MISS OPAL, “Beautiful” and “Happy”! She is a Black Smoke beauty with a constant smile on her face. She loves to play “Catch me if you can!?” What a fun cat she is. Miss Opal’s pedigree is predominantly Russian/Belgium breeding although she was born here in the USA (check out her pedigree thru the link below). MISS OPAL will have her first litter in the fall of 2022 and we’re sure they will be amazing kitty’s.

Code: MCO ns

Color: Black Smoke

Birth: March 03, 2021

Sire: MISTER MEGA KEANU *RU/US (Russia/USA) -Black Silver Shaded


Genetic Tests: HCM N/N SMA N/N PK N/N PKdef N/N = Optimal 50/0

Miss Opal’s Gallery