Meet OLIRIYA, the color-shifting cat extraordinaire! This feline’s fur changes hues every day and only gets more unique as she grows older. Is it her “BLOTCHED” designation in her color code causing the constant change? Or perhaps she’s signaling the changing seasons like a four-season year? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, OLIRIYA is one naturally talented kitty. Hailing from the litter of Grand International Champion “ABENAKI RAFINAD,” this Ukrainian beauty is a true head-turner. When she first arrived, she was the big sister to the other cats, but now she’s added a German Shepard, Azer, to her pack. They’re the best of buds! And let’s not forget about OLIRIYA’s love for water – she’s a swimming sensation, even setting the bar for swimming cats! From her water bowl to the dog’s water bowl, this water-logged Maine Coon is crazy for a swim. We’re even planning a trip to the water park just for her this summer – it’s going to be splashtastic!

Code: MCO f22

Color: Black Torte Tabby Blotched

Birth: February 24, 2021

Sire: Grand International Champion ABENAKI RAFINAD *BG/RU (Belgium/Russia) –Black Silver Ticked Tabby

Dam: Champion ARINE REINE ROSA *UA/UA (Ukraine/Ukraine) –Black Tortie Classic Tabby White

Genetic Tests: HCM N/N SMA N/N PK N/N PKdef N/N = Optimal 50/0