I now believe in a color shifting cat…OLIRIYA, literally changes color every day. The older she gets the more unique her color. I guess its the “BLOTCHED” designation in her color code that causes her to change so often…but its like the 4 different seasons of a year…or maybe she is alerting us to the change of the season? Who knows, but regardless, she has unique “natural” talent. Another Ukrainian secured from the litter of Grand International Champion “ABENAKI RAFINAD”…OLIRIYA is a looker! When she first got to us, she was the big sister, but now Ophelia seems to have taken over that roll. OLIRIYA loves to swim in her water bowl. You have heard of how much Maine Coons love water?..well OLIRIYA sets the standard for swimming cats…she swims in her water bowl, the dogs water bowl…she’d probably swim in the toilets if we didn’t keep them closed too…she is our crazy water-logged Maine Coon. We are planning a trip to the water park just for OLIRIYA. She will have her first litter in late March of 2022.

Code: MCO f22

Color: Black Torte Tabby Blotched

Birth: February 02, 2021

Sire: Grand International Champion ABENAKI RAFINAD *BG/RU (Belgium/Russia) –Black Silver Ticked Tabby

Dam: Champion ARINE REINE ROSA *UA/UA (Ukraine/Ukraine) –Black Tortie Classic Tabby White

Genetic Tests: HCM N/N SMA N/N PK N/N PKdef N/N = Optimal 50/0

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