Jazzy Diamond – New Addition

Let me introduce you to the newest addition to our very successful cattery – a soft spoken but playful (male kitten) named JAZZY DIAMOND! First things first…he’s going to be a big boy! If he keeps growing at his present pace…he’s going to be huge. On top of that, his black silver mackerel tabby coat and big green eyes, he’s sure to steal your heart. Just what a person looks for in a Maine Coon. His coat is so soft and fluffy, you just want to snuggle with him all day long. And when he plays, he’s just a ball of energy – chasing toys, pouncing on anything that moves, and climbing to the highest heights. But don’t let his playfulness fool you – JAZZY DIAMOND’s got a regal air about himself that just commands attention. And when he gazes into your eyes with those big green orbs, you know he’s destined for greatness. We’re so excited to have JAZZY DIAMOND as part of our cattery family. We just know he’s going to be a star and produce some of the most beautiful and playful kittens we’ve ever seen. So keep an eye out for him to start breeding in 2024, because JAZZY DIAMOND is going to take the cat world by storm!

Code: MCO ns 23

Color: Black Silver Mackerle Tabby

Birth: February 10, 2023

Sire: ALPINEN GOLD RA *RU/US (Russia/USA) – Black silver ticked tabby

Dam: INGRID FOM DRAFT RUDEL *RU/US (Russia/USA) – Blue Spotted Tabby

Genetic Tests: HCM N/N, SMA N/N, PK N/N, PKdef N/N = Optimal 50/0