This Lynx looking beauty is the “Rose of Sharon,” and she is a Black Tabby (with a touch of gold) that we are thrilled to be bringing into the cattery. We hope to bring out more of her golden tones in coming litters. She is everything that we hoped for in a breeding female…size, personality, and uniqueness. We call her “Cougra” (for short) because her face looks just like a cougar. Our 30 year experienced Vet remarked the first time we took her in for a checkup, “She looks like a cougar kitten!” The Vet was a little startled, to say the least. Rosie is truly unique. Her personality is affectionate and loving. She loves to be cuddled. And if she comes anywhere close to filling those huge paws, she will be as big as anything we have in the cattery. We can’t wait to meet her first litter. Rosie’s grand-daddy’s on the Sire & Dam sides were both Grand International Champions. FYI: Because of the extremely difficult journey she had to endure reaching us (from the Ukraine), we have decided not to breed her until November 2022. We are sure it will be worth the wait.

Code: MCO n 21

Color: Black Tabby

Birth: April 04, 2023

Sire: Champion Arine Ramses *UA/UA (Ukraine/Ukraine)

Dam: Arine Izolda *UA/UA (Ukraine/Ukraine)

Genetic Tests: HCM N/N SMA N/N PK N/N PKdef N/N = Optimal 50/0

Rosie’s Gallery