Moxy – New Addition

Meet MOXY, the spunky and stunning kitten who’s destined for greatness in the world of champion blood lines pure bred Maine Coon cats! With her stunning black smoke fur and piercing gold eyes, this little ball of fluff already knows how to make an impression. Whether she’s napping in a cozy basket or playing with her favorite string, MOXY exudes a curious and playful energy that’s simply irresistible. But don’t let her youthful spirit fool you – this future breeding queen is already showing promise as a healthy and confident kitten. MOXY is more than just a cute face, she’s a rising star in the world of purebred Maine Coons! Her first litter will be in Spring of 2024.

Code: MCO ns

Color: Black Smoke

Birth: November 06, 2022

Sire: Ascent ZigZag *RU/RU (Russia/Russia) – Black Smoke w/White Bicolour

Dam: Diamond Aliros *RU/RU (Russia/Russia) – Black Silver Mackerel Tabby

Genetic Tests: HCM N/N SMA N/N PK N/N PKdef N/N = Optimal 50/0